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The new KNX CONTROL generation

The new KNX CONTROL generation Your key to intelligent living! With KNX SERVER and KNX SUPERIO DIVUS offers the perfect products to control your KNX system. Combined with the new version of the OPTIMA interface, these products will allow you to experience building automation at a completely new level.

You are a KNX novice and looking for a complete visualization package, which is quick and easy to use and provides an appealing graphical design?

Or are you already experienced in this sector and looking for a fully customizable system with a whole lot of functions?

Never mind, because DIVUS KNX CONTROL, the unique visualization package for KNX systems, offers exactly what you need. Whether it's an extensible server-client solution or a sophisticated stand-alone touchpanel, KNX CONTROL has the perfect solution for your needs.

DIVUS KNX CONTROL is incredibly versatile, because it combines several advantages:

EASY: import ETS project and configure functions

QUICK: linking of ETS functions with plan view or room picture

UNIQUELY SIMPLE: the first system that combines easy handling with even more easier configuration. There's no need for training, you will be immediately able to realize your projects and thus satisfy your customers.



KNX SERVER: the customized visualisation solution and the core of the web technology based visualization solution of DIVUS for KNX systems.


KNX SUPERIO: a stand-alone device, optimized for the use in smaller systems.


KNX Stand Alone Panel The cost-effective entry into the world of building visualization. The KNX IQ manages and controls your electrical installation.


DIVUS OPTIMA: the interface to your building automation system. Through the OPTIMA interface, both KNX SERVER and KNX SUPERIO will show the functions of your system in a stylish and intuitive way.
Project Development Kit

Project Development Kit

Project Development Kit: with the brand new PDK, DIVUS offers you a powerful software tool for the products of the KNX CONTROL family, which can be used in many different ways.



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Project Development Kit - PDK
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