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KNX IQ08 + CTP04 „Room Controller“

DIVUS KNX IQ and DIVUS CTP04 Integration

  • Seamless adoption of KNX project data
  • One-click import of project data
  • Configurator
  • Creation, relocation, and editing of rooms and elements

8" Panel Visualization System with Integrated KNX Interface/IP Interface

  • Seamless integration into existing mounting housings thanks to Retrofit Technology
  • Easy management and remote maintenance via DIVUS Synchronizer

Pre-installed Software: Introduction, Features

  • Launcher for quick access to preferred applications
  • IP CAM VIEWER for live monitoring of rooms
  • KiBro for pairing, WLAN/Cloud connection

Parametrization and Configuration

  • Option for adjustment on the device itself or via software tool
  • Assignment of the KNX connection for maximum flexibility
  • Adoption of KNX project data and import of terminal® project data
Webinar DIVUS CIRCLE - Basic - EN

DIVUS Intercom + CTP04 „Indoor Station“

  • DIVUS CTP04 as Indoor Intercom

    • Physical Features and Special Characteristics

      • 24V, remote I/O module
      • Indoor stations via the DIVUS VIDEOPHONE App, pre-installed on all our touch panels
      • Conversation between internal SIP devices
      • Own SIP server, external SIP server possible
      • RFID card reader, numerical code
      • Basic configuration via web-based tool
      • Assistant
      • Basic settings and testing
      • Villa vs. compound settings
      • Predefined or custom design, profiles
    • Creating and Configuring Users

    • Switching Relays via Door Opener Function from the Indoor Station

    • Switching Relays via Numeric Code

    • DIVUS Cloud Functionality for Intercoms (basic)