Display: 25,7cm – 38,6cm – 47cm (10" - 15" - 19"): Infotainment Point, Internal Intercom, Entertainment Center and Home Automation.


Expand the possibilities for your family with DIVUS SUPERIO.

DIVUS SUPERIO is the individual information center for the whole family. Bundling information and compactly presenting it on a single device is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives - for example, appointments, dates or technical information related to the Smart Home, should be accessible anytime and for all family members. In order to live up to this modern claim, we have combined design and technology for the best - in DIVUS SUPERIO.

    DIVUS SUPERIO is available in the following sizes: Display 25,7cm – 38,6cm – 47cm (10" - 15" - 19"). Wall construction 5mm.
    The high-quality materials glass and aluminum give DIVUS SUPERIO its timeless and elegant appearance.
    Versatile: display sizes, performance, memory

    The system integrator has many exciting ways to implement building visualizations with the various display sizes, enhanced performance and memory expansion of DIVUS SUPERIO.

    The touch panel offers comfort to its users, integrates functions of a home automation system, is interior door station, infotainment point and entertainment center.

    The content and the integration of hardware and software interfaces are determined by creative system specialists, according to the requirements of the user.

    In combination with DIVUS VIDEOPHONE, DIVUS SUPERIO turns into an intercom indoor station, thanks to the integrated microphone and loudspeaker, and thus can also be used for communication between several DIVUS touch panels.

    Let yourself be enchanted by this fusion of design and technology!

NOW NEW! DIVUS SUPERIO with antibacterial surface coating*

This antibacterial coating is a highly effective surface treatment that prevents the reproduction of bacteria and fungal cultures.
Long-lasting and consistent effectiveness without the use of chemical agents! Unchanged beautiful look!
*This coating is currently available for the model DSK15-B.
Windows Launcher

Windows Launcher

Extends your options. New with DASHBOARD - The easy way.

DIVUS DASHBOARD introduces a new operating concept for Windows-based touch panels. The full-screen dashboard covers the entire screen with a simple and well-designed interface that allows users to switch between applications. The size of the individual application windows on the screen and their position can be defined as desired; Thus it is possible to display several applications simultaneously on the screen. The numerous personalization possibilities of DIVUS DASHBOARD make it possible to adapt the design to any requirement. The integrated bidirectional UDP interface enables interaction with third-party systems.

Operating Windows Touch panels has never been so easy! Let us convince you of this fusion of design and technology!

The following functions can be flexibly linked via DIVUS SUPERIO dashboard. The panel becomes the information center in the building. The most important information is always at hand.



At DIVUS, we attach great importance to an aesthetic, modern appearance of our high-performance products. For us, design does not stop with high-quality materials and a carefully considered look. We like to always think a step ahead - that's why it is important to us that you use the potential of our appliances in your home to the fullest, and that they fit perfectly into the ambience of your home . For this reason, the touch panel can also be installed flush with the wall and thus seems to hover stylishly against the wall. DIVUS SUPERIO becomes a statement piece that scores with its unobtrusive presence.


DIVUS SUPERIO shows you everything you need to know on its 25,7cm – 38,6cm – 47,0cm (10" - 15" - 19") widescreen LED displays. The precise capacitive touchscreen accepts your navigation requirements and leads you to the result in the blink of an eye. Communication is our strength! Whether wired or wireless, you will find various interfaces that allow you to exchange data with other systems and devices. If you want to get even more out of your SUPERIO, we'd like to list some more ideas and features that you can realize with DIVUS SUPERIO: You can create voice and graphic messages, check e-mails, track current stock market news, find out about the weather, get the latest traffic news, listen to MP3 audio or web radio and watch movies with a video player. A whole lot more quality of life, that soon you will not be able to do without.


Saving energy is important to us! That is why we have equipped DIVUS SUPERIO with energy-efficient components. And if the touch panel is not required, it simply goes into sleep mode.


With DIVUS SUPERIO you get maximum flexibility in the areas of visualization, intercom systems and cameras. It becomes your information center in your building. The various systems are connected via a large number of common interfaces. The various functions can be conveniently controlled and viewed via the DIVUS dashboard on DIVUS SUPERIO.

The replacement for the discontinued GIRA Control 9/19 Client!

For existing installations with the existing Gira 207600 mounted device box, DIVUS offers you the perfect solution: thanks to the DIVUS adapter MS19-G, you can insert our DIVUS SUPERIO 19" easily and quickly into the existing Gira 207600 box.


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