“Voice over IP” was established in last years as a standard for digital communication and has accordingly also found its place in building automation. There, this technology is mainly used for door communication and internal communication (intercom) between the single VoIP participants. The VoIP server is the heart of such systems. The individual VoIP participants in the network register themselves on the VoIP server, which manages the VoIP participants and creates required connections on demand.

The principle of operation is similar to that of a telephone central with the only difference, that there are no traditional cable connections but all devices are simply connected in the network among each other. For example if a guest starts a door call on the external unit, the VoIP server ensures that the corresponding group of participants is called.

The DIVUS VoIP server family “DIVUS-VS” has been especially optimized for the requirements of door communication and Intercom. VoiP communication is based on the widely used SIP standard. This “SIP protocol” on its part communicates between the server and the clients via UDP telegrams (SIP UDP).

The portfolio consisting of DIVUS-VS1, DIVUS-VS2 and DIVUS VS3 offers the perfect solution for small to large intercom and door intercom systems.

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