What exactly is a Smart Home?

The neighbor already has it, the father-in-law has just updated his and even the coworker talks about nothing else: the Smart  Home and the associated building automation are now on everyone's lips. What may sound futuristic has already found its way into most of our homes: building control products that manage and operate the home almost fully automatically, that save energy and costs, and that noticeably increase quality of life and comfort.



Energy saving

A smart home offers many advantages when it comes to saving energy: DIVUS touch panels  offer the perfect way to control, command and manage your smart home. The energy consumption of heating, cooling, shading, lighting, ventilation and power sources is optimized through the interplay of logical links, which will effectively reduce the cost of energy.

So I am actually saving real money?

Yes, exactly. With DIVUS OPTIMA, operating costs for heating and cooling can be significantly reduced without sacrifices to safety and comfort.
Not only the environment benefits from conserving resources, but also your wallet.

What about the protection against hacker attacks?

A Smart Home can not function without a secured network. That is why DIVUS attaches the uttermost importance to it. DIVUS HEARTBEAT gives an unprecedented feeling of security, because it makes the networks for the smart home safe against outside access or intruders.

Do products from DIVUS control my house intelligently?

Yes, it is best to turn to the electrician of your trust and get advice on DIVUS products. Using DIVUS products, he will put together the right project for your building and your individual needs and demands.