Out now! The DIVUS SQUARE small C* scores with minimalist design, sophisticated technology and great feel!


We like to call the SQUARE small C* the little brother of the DIVUS CIRCLE. Despite the smaller external dimensions, it is as „big“ in hardly anything.

Corian®: The Ultimate Material for DIVUS Outdoor Intercoms

At DIVUS, the leading company for innovative communication solutions, a commitment to the highest quality and functionality is paramount. A pivotal element in the production of outdoor intercoms is the material from which they are crafted. In this regard, Corian® plays a crucial role and is the preferred choice for these applications. Why? Read on to discover the advantages of this extraordinary material.

Versatility in Shape and Color: One of the most notable advantages of Corian® is its ability to be molded into nearly any desired shape. This allows DIVUS to fulfill custom designs and individual requirements. Whether minimalist and modern or classic and elegant, Corian® can bring to life virtually any aesthetic vision. Furthermore, the material is available in a wide range of colors, facilitating adaptation to diverse environments and design preferences.

Ease of Processing: Corian® is highly workable, making the production of outdoor intercoms more efficient and cost-effective. The material can be seamlessly joined and shaped, avoiding unsightly seams. This not only contributes to aesthetics but also enhances product durability.

Exceptional Resistance to Environmental Factors: DIVUS outdoor intercoms must withstand extreme weather conditions. Corian® is ideal for this purpose as it is highly resistant to UV radiation, moisture, heat, and cold. This ensures that the outdoor intercoms function flawlessly, even in demanding environments such as maritime applications where they are constantly exposed to the elements.

Applications Beyond Kitchens and Bathrooms: While Corian® was originally developed for use in kitchens and bathrooms, it has since proven its worth in many other industries. On ships and yachts, where exposure to saltwater and sunlight is significant, Corian® is a preferred material for surfaces and cladding. It is also utilized in public spaces like hotels, restaurants, and airports, where it showcases its durability and aesthetics. Furthermore, Corian® can be found in medical facilities, furniture, and even art installations.

In summary, Corian® is a material known for its versatility, ease of processing, and exceptional durability. At DIVUS, we rely on Corian® to ensure that our outdoor intercoms meet the highest quality and performance standards, meeting the diverse demands of our customers in various environments.


Available in three different colours: "Corian®_deep nocturne", "Corian®_silver gray" and "Corian®_designer white"

There are many reasons why we love the DIVUS SQUARE small C*:


Day and night vision camera

Wide-angle camera (170°) with day and night vision for good visibility at any time of day

CIRCLE small comes with a capacitive bell

The video door station has a capacitive bell so that nothing interrupts the Corian® surface of the product


IP/SIP video door intercom

DIVUS SQUARE small C* is a video door intercom that allow you to see who is ringing the doorbell and communicate with him via home-network or Internet using the corresponding App for Android or iOS.

High-Tech for High Quality

The RFID reader is available as an optional function. The RFID reader makes a key superfluous and enables you to open the door easily and conveniently using a badge


RFID reader

RFID reader as an optional. This function allows you to enter your building with a badge – heavy keys will be a thing of the past

A video tells more than a thousand words

img 7

DIVUS SQUARE small C* is a fully functional, IP/SIP-based video door station with capacitive bell, day and night vision camera and optional RFID module.
The device can also be powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE+).
With the corresponding app for the Android smartphone or iOS, it is not only possible to communicate with the visitor, but also to open the door.
The special feature of this new video door intercom is the Corian® surface, which is resistant and pleasant to the touch. It is available in three different colours ("Corian® Designer White", "Corian® Silver Gray" and "Corian® Deep Nocturne") from which you can choose the one that best suits your entrance.


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