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The new D+ Webserver from DIVUS turns every building into a comfort zone. It easily networks your electronics and allows you to take control. From your couch or on the road.

With the help of the compact server, you control your systems and make your life easier - lighting, temperature control, blind control and many other functions are controlled and managed by the app DIVUS OPTIMA. The app works on all mobile operating devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

Discover your new possibilities with DIVUS D+ 





Lighting control 




Temperature control  




App Control









Alarm systems


Weather station




Window and

door contacts



IP cameras




Intercom with videophone

Possible combinations with the D+

To operate your DIVUS D+, you only need your current mobile control unit to keep control from anywhere. On your tablet and/or smartphone (Android & iOS) DIVUS OPTIMA visualises your building. If you wish to combine the server with a touch panel, DIVUS TOUCHZONE is the best choice.





DIVUS D+ combined with IoT devices

In addition to the numerous features of its pre-installed apps, the D+ can also be extended with IoT (Internet of Things) functions. These IFTTT (if this then that - if this then that) features make it possible to link certain conditions with several commands for smart devices. For example, combine entering the house with switching on the lights and music. 
Also the convenient voice control is now possible via multiple providers.

Stay connected on the road

The practical remote control of the building services allows you to access your system from anywhere. Using your smartphone and tablet, you can check whether all windows are closed, turn up the heating before you come home and inspect your security systems. In this way you can keep a good feeling and overview from anywhere. 



Your KNXCONTROL product is able to communicate with a wide range of alarm systems as long as they have a KNX gateway. In the symbol library of the server you will find the most common functions of an alarm system already stored and can therefore see messages and alarms directly in the visualisation and initiate appropriate actions.

Thanks to various logic and event functions in DIVUS OPTIMA, the data from the alarm system can also be used to carry out other actions and, for example, be notified via e-mail in the event of certain alarms. Furthermore, it is also possible to perform side jumps to certain areas of the visualisation: for example, automatically jump to the page with the surveillance camera when the motion sensor in the garden is activated!


Heating & cooling


Your KNXCONTROL device can be easily connected to any KNX temperature sensor or room controller and thus takes over all heating or cooling functions of your home.

Therefore you have the countless parameters required to control the room temperature (operating modes, setpoints, fan control, ...) in a clear pop-up window, which is automatically reduced when not in use and hidden in a simple temperature display.

Thanks to DIVUS OPTIMA, you can of course also control the climate control functions by time, just like all other KNX functions. Thanks to the different daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedules, you can ensure that the temperature in your home is always just right.


Blind control

Controlling the blinds relieves you and allows you to save energy. 
While still lying in bed, you can comfortably raise the blinds, or program a certain time of day when sunlight will wake you up.
When the sun is high, you can have the blinds lowered automatically to cool your building. 
In your absence, you can also set random movements to simulate your presence and deter potential burglars.


Every single light point in your building can be controlled via
OPTIMA interface quickly and easily: thanks to various graphic
elements, simple ON/OFF actions as well as dimming
processes or the colour selection of RGB lighting elements can
be managed. And if you're not in the house,
DIVUS OPTIMA takes over the operation for you: the flexible
calendar planning allows you to schedule switching operations for
specifically defined times, if necessary even over weeks or months.
Of course, you can also add individual light points to group circuits;
thanks to the customisable scenarios of DIVUS OPTIMA, you can
independently combine various functions and control them via a
single graphic element in the visualisation, without having to
change anything on the KNX system.

Door communication

DIVUS door communication is the fusion of system and elegant design, resulting in highest safety standards and complete comfort, right at the front door. The new DIVUS VIDEOPHONE software sets new standards in the visualization of video intercoms. By means of DIVUS VIDEOPHONE a touch panel or smartdevice (like smartphone or tablet) turns into a full-fledged video intercom station. It can be used either stationary in a smart home or in mobility. DIVUS VIDEOPHONE shows incoming calls directly on the screen – you will be able to see the visitor immediately, communicate with him and if necessary open the door from wherever you are.


Power Management


Flexible and simple energy management is also becoming increasingly important in building automation: whether it is the optimisation of energy costs on the one hand, or the use of alternative energy sources to reduce costs on the other, all this information should be presented as simply and clearly as possible.

Your KNX CONTROL device is able to communicate with any type of KNX meter, regardless of the type of data (electrical values, gas consumption, water consumption, ...). This data is recorded and processed in real time by the OPTIMA interface and can be displayed in various graphic formats.

The recorded values are not only for information purposes, but can also be used to switch individual consumers on or off in a targeted manner. Thanks to this integrated load control, you can ensure that your energy consumption always remains within the desired range and that your KNX CONTROL product saves electricity for you!


Function overview D+ and KNX SERVER


You need more options? Here you can read more about DIVUS KNX SERVER

  • Power supply 12-24 VDC
    Connector with screw connections
    Input with polarity protection
    Power Consumption 3W (240mA at 12V)
    Interfaces KNX Standard KNX connector
    USB 2.0
    LAN (1x) RJ45 interface (10/100Mbps
    Reset Hardware-Button an Unterseite des Gehäuses
    LED Red Service/ Reset
    Green Power- LED
    Protection Grade IP 20 (following EN 60529)
    Protection Class II (following EN 60335-1)
    Temp. Range (Usage) +0°C ... +40°C
    Temp. Range (stocking) -10°C ... +70°C
    Dimensions 90,5 x 62 x 36 mm (2 DIN-Modules)
    Material Auto-extinguishing plastic case (AE)
  • Software specifications
    Standard technologies KNX
    TCP - IP
    Controllable elements Illumination
    Heating / Cooling
    Door and window contacts
    Irrigation / sprinkling
    Energy management
    Load control
    Weather stations
    IP cameras
    Burglar protection*
    User Interface Web/Html5 (All operating systems)
    App support
    Browser-Compatibility Google Chrome
    Microsoft Edge
    Apple Safari
    Supported operating systems All
    Number of clients Unlimited (without licence costs)
    Parallel connections Bis max. 20
    * requires additional module
  • Functional Diagram
  • Setup & commissioning
    Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten Online
    Offline über frei verfügbares PDK
    Konfigurations-Ebene (IDE) Suchfunktion
    Navigationsmenü mit Zugriff auf alle Funktionen
    Drag & Drop
    Multi-Tab zur parallelen Konfiguration mehrerer Objekte
    Setup und Wartung Netzwerk
    Datum / Uhr
    Sichern / Wiederherstellen des Projekts
    Sprachauswahl (Italienisch/Deutsch/Englisch)
    Auswahl grafischer Themes und Layout-Anpassungen
    Software-Update via Browser
    KNX Visualisierung Projekt-Import aus ETS über Konverter-Tool
    Automatische Erstellung der Funktion
    Importregeln auf Basis der KNX Gruppenadressen
    ETS-Gateway-Funktion über Internet
    Räumlichkeiten / Seiten Beliebige Anzahl von Seiten und Ebenen
    Layout in Raster- und Hintergrund-Ansicht
    Hintergrundbilder personalisierbar
    Personalisierbare Ausrichtung der Funktionen
    Erweiterte Funktionen Szenarien inkl. Wartebefehle
    Komplexe Objekte zum Vereinen von Funktionen
    Wertevergleiche und Bedingungen
    Virtuelle Objekte
    Personalisierte Funktionen dank Scripting
    Zeitplanung Unbegrenzte Tagesplanung pro Objekt
    Wochen- und Jahresplanung
    Konfigurations-Interface für End-Benutzer
    History / Dialog Automatisch für jedes Objekt der Software
    Grafische Darstellung nach Stunden, Tagen, Monaten, Jahren
    Wertvergleich zwischen diversen Abschnitten
    Energieverwaltung Unterstützung KNX-Energiezähler
    Unterstützung KNX-Lastcontroller
    Grafische Darstellung Verbrauch
    Darstellung der Leistungsaufnahme in Echtzeit
    Wertvergleiche und direkte Lastkontrolle
    Benachrichtigungen OnScreen-Nachrichten (3 Level)
    Intercom/VoIP* Bis zu 20 VoIP-Teilnehmer
    Autom. Einblendung Ruffenster
    Mehrere Videosignale für Außeneinheit konfigurierbar
    Auch über SIP-kompatible Smartphones verwendbar
    Fremdsoftware-Anbindung URL
    Zeitplanung Personalisierbare grafische Elemente
    Versch. Render-Grafiken für Funktionen wählbar
    Integriertes Scripting zur Funktionserweiterung
    Benutzer und Sicherheit Unbeschränkte Anzahl Benutzer
    Beliebige Verteilung der Zugriffsrechte
    Autom. Login dank Konfiguration vertraulicher IP´s
    SSL-Verschlüsselung bei Remote-Zugriff
    * benötigt Zusatzmodul

  • Visualization
    Layout Multiple graphical themes
    Layout adapts to display resolution
    Automatic detection when displayed on mobile devices
    Support of touch and multi-touch systems
    Performance Transmission of commands in real time **
    Animation and graphic elements
    HTML5 caching support
    Optimised for iOS and Android
    Navigation Customisable graphic pages
    Navigation by rooms on several levels
    Navigation by function
    Complex functions with pop-up operationg
    Navigation menu customizable and always visible
    Access to important functions with one click
    Personalization Favorites
    Notification OnScreen News
    Other services Weather Forecast
    RSS News
    Family Board
    * requires additional module ** Performance may vary depending on the type of connection


Here you can find the latest publications about DIVUS D+. If you do not find what you are looking for, please check out our tutorials or contact our support team. Many Thanks!

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