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Display: 25,4cm – 39,6cm – 47cm (10" - 15" - 19"): More freedom thanks to open system architecture and greater power!

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DIVUS Domus - always a perfect fit!

DIVUS DOMUS adapts perfectly to any interior situation. Depending on the wishes of the planner or builder, the panel on one hand can become himself virtually invisible, but on the other also set lively, colorful accents that match the interior. The various design frames are not only good looking, but can also be replaced at lightning speed with just a "click". Changing the of colour of the frame according to the current mood is now a child's play.

    DIVUS DOMUS is available in the following sizes: 25,4cm – 39,6cm – 47cm (10" - 15" - 19")
    The high-quality materials glass and aluminum give DIVUS DOMUS its timeless and elegant appearance. The frames are made of high quality Plexiglas or anodized aluminum. Whether shiny or matt, the surfaces are designed for lasting through the years.
    The true talents of DIVUS DOMUS first show themselves to the expert. The open system architecture with the preinstalled Windows® Embedded operating system makes every techie's heart beat faster, because it is not bound to any system of a manufacturer and can thus guarantee real future security. Own and third-party software can be easily integrated and updated. The DIVUS DOMUS product family gains more performance. Although the heart of the touchpanels is a fanless embedded processor, DIVUS has been able to dramatically increase the performance of DIVUS DOMUS.


The colored design frames not only look good, but can also be replaced at lightning speed. Therefore, everyone can easily choose their frame according to the current mood. Or after the wallpaper. And if you want to, even after the eye color of the adored one.


Thanks to more rapid DDR3 RAM (extendable to 4 GB) and an integrated, high performance graphics card, the 15 and 19 inch DIVUS DOMUS Touchpanels now also enable 3D visualisation (e.g. Elvis 3D). The graphics performance of DIVUS DOMUS products is now up to 300% higher than that of the current Atom platforms.


Sustainability is an important topic for us at DIVUS. That is why we manufacture the frames from high-quality materials such as Plexiglas or aluminum to equip them for years of use.


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