More quality of life and comfort for your home

With the right smart technology, your home becomes a place of well-being. A smart home means having a home that is tailored to your needs.


Living consciously and sustainably in the Smart Home

With intelligent home control you save resources and thus make an important contribution to environmentally conscious and sustainable living.


Safety ensures security

A modern home provides all-round security. DIVUS offers smart security solutions for every building, turning every home into a "safe fortress".

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Elegant design combined with innovative technology

DIVUS attaches great importance to high quality and innovative design. Elaborate design studies bear fruit in our partly multi-award-winning products.

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Time for the important things in life

A building visualization offers many advantages, mainly when it comes to a meaningful and effective organization of everyday life.

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Everything in view and under control

A permanently installed touchpanel guarantees reliability, constant availability and security.

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A home that protects, warns and thinks

A Smart Home stands for the intelligent networking of a wide range of home functions, from security technology to heating and lighting.

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