DIVUS MIRROR is the stunning fusion of a touch panel for building automation and a high-quality mirror.

Touching the mirror activates the display of the 39,6cm or 47cm (15" - 19") panel.

DIVUS MIRROR is a innovative combination of touch panel for building automation and a high-quality mirror. In the stand-by mode of the panel, which automatically activates after one minute without active inputs on the touch, DIVUS MIRROR is indistinguishable from a conventional mirror.

    DIVUS MIRROR is available in the following sizes: 39,6cm oder 47cm (15" - 19").
    A touch on the mirror activates the display of the 39,6cm or 47cm (15" - 19") panel which is e.g. can be used as the heart of your building automation system and enables easy and comfortable management, programming and operation of all imaginable scenarios. DIVUS MIRROR can now also be used to realize 3-D visualizations (eg Elvis 3D).


DIVUS MIRROR can be connected to the internet via network, and thus can be used to check the weather forecast, the current stock prices, the horoscope, the e-mails or the latest traffic reports for the way to work, whilest applying make-up or shaving in the morning. The open system architecture with the Windows Embedded operating system convinces every technology enthusiast. You are not bound by any system and this is a guarantee for future security. Own and third-party software can be easily integrated and updated.


NEW: DIVUS MIRROR can be installed in 2 different ways. It either protrudes 25mm out of the wall, seemingly floating, as only the mirror itself protrudes with its 4mm, or can be installed flush in furniture. With DIVUS MIRROR, entire buildings or individual areas can be specifically controlled, regulated, monitored, maintained, informed and much more. However, the building touch panel does not have to be hidden or be banished to the technical room. In standby mode, it becomes a mirror, which looks fantastic in every lobby, bathroom or kitchen.


We at DIVUS always keep a watchful eye on the sustainable and ecological use of energy resources. DIVUS has set new standards with the development of the DIVUS MIRROR GREEN TOUCHPANEL ™ – it is the symbiosis of high CPU performance and low consumption - namely max. 20 watts. The high-performance wall-mounted panel is equipped with the latest CPU technology - a fanless INTEL ATOM ™ CPU with 1.6GHz - and a high-contrast and bright LED display of the latest generation.


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