DIVUS VIDEOPHONE 4 – innovative intercom software

DIVUS VIDEOPHONE, the solution to control your video intercom system comfortably from your touch panel or smartdevice! The comprehensive functionality of the new VIDEOPHONE Software 4 is packed in a new modern design. The revised appearance is identical on all devices and makes the handling of the software easier for the system integrator and for the end user. Both the great variety of new themes, and the personalized wallpapers and ring tones allow to be customized according to your personal taste and needs.


More flexibility is not possible!

A touch panel, a PC or even smartphones or tablets can be used as indoor stations. Thus door calls can be conveniently accepted on a permanently installed touch panel or from your smartdevice, when you are, for example, in the garden or on the road. And in case you are unavailable, a list of missed calls and the image archive ensure that you do not miss anything. In addition to that, the system also allows calls between the individual indoor stations.

Besides DIVUS OPENDOOR, also devices from popular third-party suppliers, such as Siedle, Jung, Gira, TCS, etc. can be used as intercom stations. Thanks to the integrated SIP standard DIVUS VIDEOPHONE is not tied to a proprietary system and works with different SIP servers or SIP PBXs. With the use of the latest VoIP technology DIVUS VIDEOPHONE makes it possible to access all intercom functions through its customizable interface.


All advantages at a glance:

  • Interphone-Funktion zur Kommunikation zwischen den einzelnen Innenstellen
  • Erweiterte Intercom-Funktionen, wie z.B. Entgegennehmen/ Ablehnen, Videobild Ein-/ Ausblenden, Lautstärkeregelung inklusive Mute-Funktion, Aufnahmefunktion, Kurzwahl, Tastenfeld und Zusatztasten
  • Automatisches Einblenden/ Aktivieren der Videophone-Oberfläche bei Anrufen
  • Zusätzliche Kompatibilität mit allen gängingen, a/b fähigen Videosprechanlagen, wie z.B. Jung, TCS, GIRA, Siedle, Elcom und vielen mehr über die separat erhältliche VIDEOPHONE-BOX
  • Personalisierbare Klingeltöne
  • Türspion-Funktion (Türkamera jederzeit einblendbar, auch ohne Türrüf)

New with VIDEOPHONE 4:

  • For each door call, an image of the door camera is automatically saved in the integrated image archive
  • Missed calls will be saved and displayed
  • New attractive design
  • Personalized Themes
  • Custom background
  • Speed dial function via contact list
  • Backup/ Import of settings and telephone book
  • „Do not disturb“ mode (DND).
  • Remote mode (corresponding network configuration necessary)
  • Logging function


Thanks to the DIVUS VIDEOPHONE APP, you have the door communication directly on your smartphone or tablet. Receiving door calls with image and sound from anywhere in the world, at home in your local WLAN, as well as on the road via a simple internet connection. See who‘s at the door, talk to the guest or activate the door opener, no matter where you are.

Here is the direct download of DIVUS VIDEOPHONE!



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