Everything under control at one glance

The managing and control of your Smart Home must not be left to chance. Thus, access to important and relevant building functions must be realized via a fail-safe and stable building touch panel. Many reasons speak for it.

A wall-mounted touch panel is always at hand and available - it can not be misplaced, making it completely reliable and present at all times.

Your whole building automation for lighting and temperature control, with integrated home entertainment, alarm system or door communication is operated via this wall-mounted control panel; it is accessible to all residents at all times. In addition, the control and monitoring of a house must be secured at all times.

Protected features should never be allowed into mobile devices, the risk of them getting into the wrong hands is too high.


"Not in the hand, but back to the wall."

Wall-installed touch panels have been developed for years of continuous operation, can not be misplaced, forgotten or lost, and if we consider the service life of a panel compared to a smartphone, a touch panel is much more convenient than a smartphone.


Your personal control and information center

The main control panel is installed in the center of the action. In the lobby, entrance hall, kitchen, hallway or wherever the family meets. Ideal for this are DIVUS TOUCHZONE, DIVUS SUPERIO, DIVUS DOMUS, DIVUS MIRROR or DIVUS DIVA.

Somewhat off the beaten track, but still fully in action, various room control units are used, with smaller displays optimally adapted to the conditions. Locations are e.g. Dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, children's room, wellness areas, hobby rooms, sauna, etc. Ideal for this is DIVUS SUPERIO and / or DIVUS TOUCHZONE.




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