This powerful animal uses its concentrated power and strength purposefully for the benefit of his kind. The natural authority, the excellent instincts and the unconditional loyalty embody wisdom and prestige –these attributes make the lion the royal ruler. Great power is followed by great responsibility – its majestic presence leads with natural authority. It is therefore no coincidence that we decided to let the lion represent us with its qualities and its power.


The leopard embodies elegant perfection in combination with highest performance and precision. He announces a time of change and uses his strength to overcome obstacles and successfully break new ground. His stamina and outstanding skills make him the ideal godfather for our highperformance touchpanels.


This decidedly communicative animal with its pronounced sense of family never loses its orientation and always acts for the benefit of his kind. He is the protector of the private living space and his family, as well as the guardian of the threshold in mythology – and thus serving as a perfect role model for our door intercoms.


The „night eagle“ has always been a symbol of wisdom, insight and intuition. The owl watches from above, and thanks to its astuteness, it hunts even at night with unsurpassed accuracy and precision. The owl teaches the feeling of the right time and how to achieve a lot with little effort. It has complete control over its habitat, making it the perfect symbol for our networking products.


The deer is a symbol of life energy and the control of various areas of life with its majestic. His grace and inner strength allow him to govern his territory freely and independently. He is the undisputed ruler when it comes to keeping track and exercising control.



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