Mobility on the go – with Apps from DIVUS

In times when mobility and continuous availability are becoming increasingly important , you should have the posibility to control your home at any time and from anywhere. DIVUS meets these demands by offering various apps for the most popular mobile operating systems, thus covering a wide range of mobile devices.

Why should I still decide for a touch panel in the wall?

"Smart Devices" are a useful extension of a building visualization and are in any case an important part of a modern and effective smart home.

DIVUS offers this option for expansion with its various apps for Android and Apple. However, access to important and relevant building functions must be realized via a fail-safe and stable building touch panel. There are many reasons why you should do just that.

A complete and high-quality building automation for lighting and temperature control with integrated home entertainment, alarm system and/or door communication needs an in-house control panel, which is available and accessible to residents at all times.

It is of the utmost importance that the control and monitoring of a house is ensured at all times. Protected features must never be allowed to enter mobile devices, the risk of getting into wrong hands is too high.



A new App is available for your mobile devices to control your DIVUS KNX Visualization!

It brings great advantages in terms of performance specially when using a remote connection. The core communication system of OPTIMA has been renewed, making it lean and fast and able to use a technology called "local contents" where the graphical part of your visualization is downloaded once from the server and from then on will be always immediately available locally.


The communication with the server is reduced to check and get the new values of the home automation devices while the rest is already there, locally. This makes the user experience snappy and easy also in environments where the network connection is not the fastest.


To take advantage of this new technology, you need a KNX SERVER or KNX SUPERIO running version 2.5.0 or newer!


Changelog new version v2.0.0 (26)

  • implementation QR- Code reader
  • various bugfixes

Download of the app

Download the new App OPTIMA MOBILE for your device from the App store or Google Play.

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"With the DIVUS OPTIMA app you can control your home automation system even when you are on the road. Use your Android device in order to supervise and control the functions of your home via Wi-Fi or mobile network. The app acts as client software that connects to your DIVUS KNX CONTROL device and thereby gives you access to your KNX system.

The simple interface of the DIVUS OPTIMA app gives you a good handle on all functionalities of your system. Not only lighting control is possible, even HVAC control, irrigation, scenarios, shutter functions, energy management and much more can be easily managed remotely.

In order to use the app, no additional configuration is required! Once your KNX bus system is working and you set up a DIVUS KNX CONTROL device, just insert the IP address and port of the device and a valid set of credentials in the app settings and you will gain access to all the devices and functions of your system.




This app can only be used in combination with a DIVUS KNX CONTROL device of the latest generation. If none of those products can be found within the network, no communication with the bus system can be established.

Examples of functions

  • Light control (On / Off, dimming), shutters, irrigation,…
  • HVAC (Heating / Cooling
  • Scenarios
  • Energy management
  • Weather information

Changelog new version 1.2.1 rev. 1493:

  • complete overhaul!
  • new functions
  • improved stability
  • unified into a single app
  • removed widgets


Download of the app

logo google   Alternatively, here is the direct download of the DIVUS OPTIMA app


DIVUS VIDEOPHONE 4.2.4 - 148 Android App

With the new DIVUS VIDEOPHONE 4.2.4 - 148, the DIVUS intercom portfolio becomes complete and enables intercom on DIVUS TOUCHZONE and other supported mobile devices. The app allows both audio communication with a connected IP doorstation (e.g. DIVUS OPENDOOR) as well as seeing the video stream of the doorstations camera.



For correct operation of the app in addition to a compatible IP doorstation a VoIP server with SIP support is needed on which the app can register. Please note that only the use of VoIP servers, which were acquired/recommended by DIVUS guarantees the full functionality of the app.

Additional information

At the first launch of the app a welcome screen with useful information will appear. Before the app can be used properly, the connection to the VoIP server and at least one doorstation must be configured. More information about the correct use of the app can be found on the DIVUS homepage.


  • Video and audio communications to IP doorstations
  • Send DTMF tones (for example, door opener)
  • Personalizable Design
  • Custom Ringtones
  • Interphone function (communication between multiple devices with installed app inside the same network)
  • Spycamera function
  • Picture archive
  • Notification and saving of missed calls
  • Logging function
  • Do Not Disturb mode (DND)

and much more …

Changelog current version 4.2.4 - 148

    • integration of FFmpeg library

    • expanded camera compatibility (e.g. RTSP, H264)

    • mute function reworked and improved

    • new CIRCLE RTSP HD/LD template

    • dynDNS resolving

    • improved licensing

    • bugfixing

NOTE: On DIVUS TOUCHZONE the app is fully unlocked automatically without the need of any license key. On other devices the app has a trial period of 20 days, afterwards the app can’t be used without valid license key. You can request a license key directly from within the app or by getting in contact with DIVUS directly:

Download of the app:

logo google 

appstoreIn alternative, here the direct download of the DIVUS VIDEOPHONE 4 app!

[This app is compatible with all TZ10 / TZ15 / TZ19 and with TZ07 - sold from March 2015 onwards]



The app DIVUS VIDEOPHONE completes the DIVUS intercom portfolio and makes video communication possible also on DIVUS TZ and other supported devices with Android operating system. The app follows the Windows version of the Videophone-Software as well in functional as in design terms and permits as well to communicate with a connected IP intercom (like e.g. DIVUS OPENDOOR) as also to show the video signal of the external unit.



For a correct usage of the app, beneath a compatible IP intercom unit also a VoIP server with SIP support is required, on which the app can be registered. Please note that only the use of VoIP servers sold or recommended by DIVUS can guarantee the full functionality of the app.

Additional information

If the app is started for the first time, a welcome screen with some useful information will be shown. Before you can use the app correctly, the connection to the VoIP server has to be configured and at least one external intercom unit has to be set up.


  • Video and audio communication to the external unit
  • DTMF tone support (e.g. for door opener function)
  • Direct in-app volume control
  • Up to 10 compatible external units configurable
  • Selectable ringtone
  • Interphone function (communication between several
  • mobile devices with installed app running in the same Wi-Fi network)
  • Door spy function

Changelog new version 1.0.1 rev. 68

  • reworked e-mail logging mechanism

Download of the app



With DIVUS WORLD you can bring the DIVUS catalogs to life! Start the app and scan the catalog pages marked with the „DIVUS WORLD“ icon. And you will discover the world of DIVUS with exciting videos and tutorials. Enjoy it on- and offline!



The DIVUS LAUNCHER 2 app is the main app of DIVUS TOUCHZONE, which acts as the entry point for the device.
The app provides access to other functionalities and settings of the device, and in its main screen it’s possible to link to other apps or web URLs for easier access.
The overall look and feel can be customized and adapted to the required needs.
This new version of the app has an improved design and offers more functionalities and possibilities compared to the previous version.
DIVUS LAUNCHER 2 is the heart and soul of DIVUS TOUCHZONE.



This app is only compatible with DIVUS TOUCHZONE running Android 6, on other devices it will still install but will be locked.
If you are unsure if your device supports the app, use the "just once" option when trying this launcher.


  • Fast access to installed apps.
  • Fast access to web URLs.
  • Cusomizable design.
  • Access to settings of device.
  • Access protection for settings.
  • Various lockscreens.

Changelog new version 1.0.1 rev. 57:

  • new adaptive brightness function
  • complete overhaul and expansion of display-off wakeup with sensor
  • new setting to enable/disable device echo-cancelling
  • new setting for DIVUS SYNCHRONIZER access
  • permission request on start-up
  • bugfixing in app area
  • bugfixing in lockscreen


The DIVUS LAUNCHER app is the main app of DIVUS TOUCHZONE and can be understood as start screen / main graphical interface of the product. The DIVUS LAUNCHER app shows a simple grid of 6 fields that permit a quick access to the most important functions / apps. Naturally it is possible to create more than one launcher page, with the possibility to change between them using a swipe gesture. Furthermore the app offers also a series of settings which should make easier the configuration of DIVUS TOUCHZONE.



This app is compatible ONLY with DIVUS TOUCHZONE devices, since it accesses a series of hardware features only present on this kind of devices. Therefore this app in fact can be installed also on common smartphones / tablets, but it can’t be used there. If you are interested in using the DIVUS LAUNCHER also on your smartphones / tablets, please get in contact with us!

Additional information

If the app is started for the first time (e.g. at delivery of DIVUS TOUCHZONE), a welcome screen with some useful information will be shown.


  • Quick access to the installed apps
  • Up to 5 launcher pages accessible via swipe gesture
  • Different customizable designs
  • Access to different settings of DIVUS TOUCHZONE
  • Protected settings for advanced users
  • Lock screen template for quick access to DIVUS KNX CONTROL

Changelog new version 1.1.3 rev.128:

  • new setting for DIVUS SYNCHRONIZER access
  • bugfixing

Download of the app:



DIVUS KiBro is the perfect application for everyone that wants to visualise web contents in full screen mode.

Actually it is a small kiosk browser app, which provides a set of options for configuration: it is for example possible to specify the URL to be accessed, the auto start behavior of the app, the display behavior (whether to keep the screen always on or to use the devices power settings) and much more!

The special feature of DIVUS KiBro is its integrated cache management, which avoids that your device is filled up or even blocked by the continuous data transferred from the configured server URL.

The cache management can be launched manually, but it can work also automatically, either on a time-scheduled base or on a fully automatic base, by controlling RAM and disk space in background.


Please note

DIVUS KiBro is based on the default browser of your Android device, which means that it in terms of web content compatibility it will provide the same level that you get from your default browser! So before trying to display contents using DIVUS KiBro, be sure that they are compatible with the native Android browser!

Changelog latest Version 1.4 rev. 1424

  • complete overhaul!
  • new functions
  • improved stability
  • unified into a single app

Download of the app

logo google  In alternative, here the direct download of the DIVUS KIBRO app!

[This app is compatible with all DIVUS touchpanels running Android.]



With this app you have the possibility to access your IP cameras surrounding your home or your remote holiday resort, seeing in real-time what is happening around you, and help you feel more secure and in control.

DIVUS IP CAM VIEWER allows you to easily connect local/remote IP cameras of various types and take screenshots of the current camera image.

You can view up to 6 cameras simultaneously and by a simple click quickly see one in full screen.
With the new app DIVUS IP CAM VIEWER you can get the most out of your IP cameras and increase your surveillance capabilities; now you will always know what is happening around you.

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here



  • Up to 6 simultaneous streams
  • Multiple camera layouts
  • Various streams supported
  • Screenshot function

Changelog version 1.1 - 24


  • bugfixing

Download of the app

logo google

 In alternative, here the direct download of the DIVUS IP CAM VIEWER app! 

[This app is compatible with all TZ10 / TZ15 / TZ19 and with TZ07 (with Android 5 or higher).]



This app aims at help you organize and remind you of disposing your household waste and garbage, letting you focus on more important things.
DIVUS MÜLLPLANER offers a calendar to have an overview over past and coming garbage pickups and by a simple click on a day you can remove existing pickups and easily add new coloured pickups with predefined intervals.
Further, you can also set up various notifications to remind you in advance of upcoming pickups and you can also manage holidays.
With the new app DIVUS MÜLLPLANER one of your housekeeping chores becomes as easy as can be.

Please note:
The built-in holidays of the app are limited to the german language areas of Europe.



  • Multiple nameless, colored garbage bins
  • Calendar as overview over past and future pickups
  • Built-in holiday management
  • Various reminders possible
  • Multiple intervals for pickups possible

Changelog version 1.0 rev. 9

  • last of month in calendar not displayed properly

Download of the app:

logo google  In alternative, here the direct download of the DIVUS MÜLLPLANER app!

[This app is compatible with all TZ10 / TZ15 / TZ19 and with TZ07 (with Android 5 or higher).]



The app DIVUS SCREENCLEANER disables the touch function of the display for 30 seconds. At the same time a small „animation“ and a countdown is displayed, during which time the glass front of the touch panel can be cleaned without risk of unintentional operation.



With this app you can access the reporting of the DIVUS HEARTBEAT directly from your TOUCHZONE.
You have to configure the IP/hostname of your DIVUS HEARTBEAT, and the app will automatically connect to a webpage were a report of the current network will be generated. Once the report is generated, you can send it to multiple e-mail addresses so that you can view it from your PC.
The DIVUS HEARTBEAT app goes hand in hand with your DIVUS HEARTBEAT.



  • Access the DIVUS HEARTBEAT reporting from your TOUCHZONE.
  • Send generated reports via e-mail.

This app works only on DIVUS TOUCHZONE with Android 5.

Changelog 1.0 - 6

  • bugfixing

This app works only on DIVUS TOUCHZONE with Android 5.

Download of the app:

Here the direct download of the DIVUS HEARTBEAT app!

This app works only on DIVUS TOUCHZONE with Android 5 or higher.

Manuals DIVUS apps

App Manuals



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