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The Synergy Touch – DIVUS TOUCHZONE

The touchpanel combines the functions of a smartphone with building security functions. It is the product innovation for more comfort and security in every smart building!


  • glass multi-Touchpanel for an intuitive handling in residential and commercial buildings
  • dedicated screen for controlling temperature, lighting, shading and more
  • home audio control panel
  • an elegant interior intercom station
  • control panel for energy and security management of the building
  • artwork for the wall – Made in Italy
  • call system for office, surgery, conference room

A touchpanel for your visions

DIVUS TOUCHZONE can be designed individually, where all your ideas and visions can be implemented with Android. Thanks to the huge selection of Android applications the android panel offers limitless customization options.

The elegant and restrained design of the DIVUS TOUCHZONE is anything but obtrusive, a characteristic that surely endears the device to the hearts of architects and interior designers.

The all-rounder on your wall

The touchpanel can be installed horizontally or vertically, in the classic DIVUS design where the DIVUS TOUCHZONE is hung on the wall in a featherweight fashion and only the 3 mm thick glass  (color black or white) projects from the wall. The panel livens up the options.

The touchpanel integrates the Android operating system. DIVUS provides reliable and practical apps for room control and intercoms, which are pre-integrated into the panel. The app „Building“ communicates with the KNX SERVER, thus allowing for visualisation of the KNX installation.

An app for communication with the intercom system makes the DIVUS TOUCHZONE an indoor station. Installing a microphone and loudspeaker allows for voice communication with outdoor stations or other indoor stations via the panel, which thus becomes a speaking or call system.

The Synergy Touch – DIVUS TOUCHZONE

Touchscreen with synergy effect

DIVUS TOUCHZONE combines the functions of a smartphone with building security functions.

DIVUS TOUCHZONE revives the combination

Google Play Store offers a host of practical and useful apps. In some cases DIVUS provides you with preinstalled applications.

Openness and versatility are the key to successful products. One of the great advantages of the DIVUS TOUCHZONE is its outstanding interoperability with third-party products.

Control is easy and intutive!

DIVUS TOUCHZONE is the interface to all the information you want at a glance. In the picture you see the DIVUS OPTIMA interface to control your entire building. In addition, with every new app the usage of DIVUS TOUCHZONE is getting more interesting while being focused on security and highly increased efficiency.

This list is not exhaustive. DIVUS does not guarantee that all displayed apps work properly.

DIVUS TOUCHZONE on table console

ON TABLE CONSOLE is a great combination with the 7“ multi-touch screen you can use on your desk, counter or at the reception area. It sports handy controls for room functions, music, door entry systems and much more.

The ON TABLE CONSOLE is an excellent companion in the office, living environment, meeting rooms or even the doctor‘s office. The relatively small 7“ device is compact enough to not take too much space, but large and comfortable enough for using all important functions with ease and delight.

Have you installed a KNX system and want to improve it‘s capabilities and control with no hassle? Then the combination of the DIVUS TOUCHZONE, ON TABLE CONSOLE and DIVUS KNX SERVER is an excellent choice. You just need to plug in the network cable and configure the visualization server to get started.


  • Easy setup. No drilling, plastering or painting needed.
  • Easy installation. Plug and play network cable.
  • DIVUS TOUCHZONE visualizes the visualization apps in any KNX installation.
  • Compatible building control with DIVUS, JUNG, GIRA, HAGER, Berker and many more.
  • Door communication with DIVUS VIDEOPHONE for DIVUS, SIEDLE, JUNG, ELCOM, Ritto, KOCH, Mobotix and SIP compatible systems.
  • Talk, call or video chat with each other from room to room.
  • Enjoy the music in every room! Music control with SONOS, BOSE, Revox, Crestron, AMX.
  • Secure communications through out the network.
  • Excellent technology in elegant design: integrated and unobtrusive.
  • Design that fits in any environment. Wood variants, walnut, maple, oak or glossy/matt lacquered black or white – something for every taste!


Download the latest versions for following DIVUS TOUCHZONE apps here:

    [This app is compatible with all TZ10 / TZ15 / TZ19 and with TZ07 (sold from March 2015 onwards).]
    [This app is compatible with all TZ10 / TZ15 / TZ19 and with TZ07 (sold from March 2015 onwards).]
  • DIVUS Kibro App


Best touchpanel of the year 2015/2016!

DIVUS is proud to receive the award of the “Best product of the year” from this international and independent panel of judges from 25 industries, 22 competent partners and a marketing investment of more than 25 million EUR. The Plus X Award is the world´s largest competition for technology, sports and lifestyle.

Awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems.

DIVUS TOUCHZONE was already honoured with the internationally renowned “Plus X Award” in the following four categories: “High Quality”, “design”, “Ease of use” and “Functionality”.

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