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Touch me!

It is a combination of a touch panel for building automation and a high-quality mirror

DIVUS MIRROR switches to standby mode automatically after one minute without an active input. While in Standby mode DIVUS MIRROR looks like a conventional mirror.

A touch on the mirror will activate the display of the 15“ or 19“ panel and once again serve as the centerpiece of your building or home.

The Touchpanel can be used as a building controller, intercom indoor station, media center or your information point of your residence. It can be placed at a maximum of 25 mm from the wall or flush-mounted with any furniture.

DIVUS MIRROR has the special ability to combine a mirror and a touch panel. With DIVUS MIRROR, whole buildings or business units can be controlled, selectively regulated, supervised, entertained, informed and much more from one place.

DIVUS MIRROR does not need to be hidden or banished in equipment areas. Its integrated mirror in standby mode can look fantastic in any lobby, bathroom or kitchen.


The Touchpanel can be connected to the world wide web through the integrated LAN interface, which allows using the panel to check the weather, the current stock quotations, the horoscope or the current traffic info’s, comfortably during shaving or putting on the make-up.

DIVUS MIRROR is so special because it combines a mirror and a touch panel. With this panel whole buildings or business units can be controlled, selectively regulated, supervised, entertained, informed and much more. DIVUS MIRROR must not be hidden or banished in equipment rooms, because in standby mode it becomes a mirror that looks fantastic in every lobby, the bathroom or the kitchen.

Energy will be scarce, energy will be expensive; this is well-known and nothing new. DIVUS has developed the DIVUS MIRROR GREEN TOUCHPANEL™ and is setting trends and clear signals in the symbiosis of high CPU performance and lower power consumption – max. 20 Watts.

The true talents of DIVUS MIRROR , appreciated particularly by the experts. The open system architecture of Windows Embedded technology lets beat faster the heart of each enthusiast. Not being bound to a specific system guarantees maximum future security. Own and third-parties software can be easily integrated and updated.

DIVUS MIRROR is supplied with up-to-date PC performance and optimized memory configuration. Desired configurations for individual applications are easily integrable.

Via built-in speaker and microphone, all multimedia applications can be controlled, even your door communication! In combination with DIVUS VIDEOPHONE you will gain the functionalities of VoIP communication even on your DIVUS MIRROR .


On this site you can find the standard dimensions of our Touchpanel. Upon request, the mirror can also be designed and realized according to your special project requirements.