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… fits always!

DIVUS DOMUS is incredibly versatile, because it combines three advantages together: Firstly the easily exchangeable design-frames, adaptable to each interior.


The DIVUS DOMUS fits perfectly with every interior design. According to the wishes of the planners or builders, the DIVUS DOMUS can be either invisible but it can also become a significant component in the interior design.

COLORS: And because the design frames not only look good but can also be replaced with only one “click“, everyone can choose his/her frame according to the actual mood or according to the wallpaper. DIVUS DOMUS is available in 15 differents colors.

Mounted on the wall it is always at hand

MATERIAL: At the moment the DIVUS DOMUS is available in different materials like Perspex and anodized aluminium.

INSTALLATION: The mounting is so simple: mounting the in-wall box, fitting DIVUS DOMUS and adding the frame. Ready! The brilliant in wall mounting furthermore takes care that the DIVUS DOMUS rises max. 25 mm from the wall.

DESIGN VARIATIONS: The frame can be delivered with a customized design. To give examples: it can be a frame out of wood with personalized carvings, a glass frameswith Swarofskis stones or a leather wrapped frames.


The true talents of the DIVUS DOMUS, appreciated particularly by the experts. The open system architecture with the pre-installed operating system Windows® Embedded lets the heart of each expert beat faster. Own and foreign software can easily be integrated and updated.

Thanks to more rapid DDR3 RAM (extendable to 4 GB) and an integrated, high performance graphics card, the 15 and 19 inch DIVUS DOMUS Touchpanels now also enable 3D visualisation (e.g. Elvis 3D). The graphics performance of DIVUS DOMUS products is now up to 300% higher than that of the current Atom platforms.

SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE: DIVUS DOMUS is delivered with current PC-Performance and ideal storage solution. Wish configurations for individual applications are easily integrable. Due to the option of a LON or KNX-Interface, DIVUS DOMUS can be completely customized for the specific needs.
That is real independence!