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Facts, tables, values,… everything the (technicians) heart desires

This area of the homepage is dedicated to – technican – technically adept users and informs about all the details of the KNX CONTROL world, including specific information regarding hard- and software. From quick data sheets over extensive manuals right up to video tutorials: this area will contain the answer of all your questions.

Beneath the most recent documentation, this area will also contain the latest software updates and tools for download; so for sure it is worthwhile to visit this area from time to time!

In case you should really have a question that none of the manuals can answer, this area contains also a FAQ page, in which common topics about the KNX CONTROL world are handled, and naturally also the contact data of our technical support, which can surely assist you.

KNX, the worldwide standard for building automation

DIVUS, for the development of the KNX CONTROL products for visualising and controlling intelligent homes, relies on the worldwide standard KNX. Above 200 manufacturers (among them some well-known companies like ABB, Hager, Schneider Electric, Jung, …) alone in Europe offer a broad spectrum of certified products for different functionalities, like:

  • Analogue and digital in- and output modules (as well for in-wall mounting as also for cabinets) for the connection of „classical“ devices (like switches, sensors, door and window contacts, etc.) to the KNX bus
  • Special actuators for the control of light points, dimmer, RGB LEDs, etc.
  • Special actuators for the control of motorized shutters, curtains etc.
  • Thermostats and room controller with different operating modes
  • Different sensors like presence sensor, brightness sensor, humidity sensor, etc.
  • Intelligent switches including temperature sensors, IR control, movement sensors etc.
  • Weather stations with different measuring values (rainfall, humidity, wind, temperature, brightness, …)
  •  […]

The products of the KNX CONTROL family have been created especially for the usage in combination with the KNX bus and offer a specific import procedure, which permits to import the configuration of a KNX system – done by using the software tool ETS – and automatically creates and adapts the single group addresses.

KNX SERVER, the KNX visualisation solution designed for your requests

DIVUS KNX SERVER is the core of the web technology based visualization solution of DIVUS for KNX systems, which gives you full control over the functions of your home. KNX SERVER has been refitted and now provides – among a noticeable performance boost – the new OPTIMA interface for creation of design-oriented visualizations.

From the KNX-M-SERVER to the KNX-E-SERVER – scaleable visualisation solutions

Our new KNX SERVER family covers the whole gamut of requirements in this sphere, via a cost efficient basic server that is an ideal entry-level gateway to the world of visualisation.

more about KNX SERVER >>>

KNX SUPERIO, the stand-alone version

KNX SUPERIO is also a member of the DIVUS KNX CONTROL family for controlling KNX systems. Compared with KNX SERVER, KNX SUPERIO is a stand-alone device, optimized for the use in smaller systems.

Also here DIVUS OPTIMA accompanies the user step by step and allows him to create a visualisation easily by selecting the proposed pre-configured command and application pages. Consequently, KNX SUPERIO unites a simple control concept and a just as easy programming – in one device!

more about KNX SUPERIO >>>

DIVUS Project Development Kit

With the brand new PDK DIVUS offers you a powerful software tool for the products of the KNX CONTROL family, which can be used in many ways:

  • Create projects for KNX SERVER / KNX SUPERIO directly on the own PC, without connection to the hardware itself
  • Become acquainted with the functionalities of the new OPTIMA interface
  • Use the tool as demo software for product presentations