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The DIVUS touchpanel portfolio is wide.The range of touch panels extends from the small 7“ device up to 22“ touchpanel.


KNX CONTROL with KNX SERVER & KNX SUPERIO provides a simple actionable visualization interface for your project.


Keep it under control.
A first of its kind solution for a STABLE, SECURE and CONTROLLED network.


New DIVUS Apps brings diversity on your touch panel!


DIVUS offers an intelligent Intercom solution for smart buildings.


DIVUS Industry PCs – high quality & performance.


DIVUS VIDEOPHONE, the solution to control your video intercom system comfortably from your touch panel or smartdevice!


New intuitive visualization for more design and flexibility.

E-Haus 2018

DIVUS will be represented at the E-Haus 2018, the 100 m² large model house of ZVEH which presents all facets of intelligent living. Get more information about the trade fairs where you can experience the E-Home with our products here. (more…)

Product of the year

DIVUS TOUCHZONE is the best Touchpanel of the year 2015/2016!


Intelligent building with DIVUS

A smart home stands for sustainable system security and innovation. The best preconditions in order to provide quality of life, comfort and flexibility. Intelligent building technology should be an integral part of each electrical installation nowadays. DIVUS offers an individual control and visualization system for each project.

A home and living environment reflects the needs of design, features, functionality and architectural design. DIVUS takes care that the house transformes into a cozy home. Each room has the ideal climate and a pleasant atmosphere, which is achieved by light, temperature and music scenarios. The building can be tailored to the individual wishes and needs of the residents. All of this is staged and controlled with intelligent building technology from DIVUS.

Have always a good feeling at home!