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The DIVUS TOUCHZONE  as an indoor station, in combination with our IP-based outdoor intercom DIVUS OPENDOOR, opens up exciting new options for buildings, offices, medical practices, stores, and commercial properties.

DIVUS INTERCOM solution – a genuinely multifaceted device!

The front door of a home is the gateway to what we all consider to be a haven from the outside world. The DIVUS OPENDOOR/DIVUS TOUCHZONE  is an elegantly designed bundle that promotes total comfort and optimized security in your home. And as an all in one system, it is also a groundbreaking solution.

For innovative electricians and system integrators, DIVUS offers a highly useful basic system that’s easy to use and eminently scaleable. Even the Starter Set comprising an outdoor intercom, plus an indoor intercom with a 7 inch multi-touch display, allows the realization of innovative applications.

The indoor intercom – a genuinely multifaceted device!

The DIVUS TOUCHZONE is an indoor intercom unit with a 7 inch (alternative 10“-15“-19“) color display and multi-touch screen. By calling up the touch panel the display switches from standby to active mode and opens a communication dialog on the screen. A selected call signal sounds and the camera shows the person in front of the door.

DIVUS TOUCHZONE as indoor unit can be combined with outdoor units of third-party.


The network based intercom solution: indoor and outdoor stations will be connected via LAN cable.



VIDEOPHONE, the solution, to control your video intercom system comfortably from your Building touchpanel.



Display 7″ – 10″ – 15″ – 19″: It is the product innovation for more comfort and security in every smart building!