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The solution for a STABLE, SECURE and CONTROLLED network!


DIVUS HEARTBEAT is a hardware-software solution composed of a PoE+ enabled managed switch and an innovative manager.
Once integrated in the network, DIVUS HEARTBEAT constitutes the heart of a smart building. It ensures a stable and secure connection between the connected devices of DIVUS in a protected segment. Also 3rd-party products for building automation are compatible and can be integrated in the secure network segment.

Installation & Konfiguration
Sicherheit und Stabilität

The safety of a building network has top priority

Securing smart homes is becoming more and more important. Especially when sensitive security functions, such as alarm system, access control, etc. are controlled via apps, the risk of security gaps increases and the system is more susceptible to attacks.

Thanks to DIVUS HEARTBEAT, comprehensive protection and full security can be guaranteed! Important components for building automation, which belong to a secured building network, can be connected to DIVUS HEARTBEAT and be controlled.

DIVUS SECURE NET secures the network

DIVUS HEARTBEAT divides the building network into different segments. For building automation, a completely secured „DIVUS SECURE NET“is created; a protected intranet, in which the various devices operate without interruption and can‘t be attacked from the outside.

Also, the intercom system, in which internal and external devices interact, is protected by a firewall via its own port and is therefore completely safe while still offering an unrestricted functionality.


Easy and intuitive installation

The cleverness of the system already becomes visible during the installation process. The intuitive
system-wide configuration guides the user through the installation process. Only basic information is needed for the setup of the network with the handy webinterface.

Networked DIVUS devices are automatically detected and listed with name, IP and Mac address and any error messages. These errors can be adapted  immediately in order to have a secure error-free and stable network. Data from third-party products can be retrieved according to the manufacturer‘s specifications.

Exact control and traceability

As soon as all devices of the building automation system haven been connected with DIVUS HEARTBEAT on site, a scan can be performed. This will show whether the project has been installed exactly as it was planned and if it is reproduced correctly.

After completion, the actual state of the intact building automation system and its connected devices can be recorded in a report.


Thanks to the system scan you get an immediate overview

DIVUS HEARTBEAT enables a complex system scan including cable diagnostics, loop detection and a precise visualisation of the entire network system. Thereby the most important information about the devices on the network, such as serial number, firmware version, IP address, etc. including possible error messages are displayed in a list. Duplicate IP addresses, loops or connection conflicts can be recognized and assigned at a glance.

The automativally generated report of the scan shows the actual state of the intact building automation and its connected devices. Subsequent changes in the network, also by third parties, can be tracked at any time and be reversed, if necessary.

Trouble-shooting support is easier and less time-consuming

Do a new scan to detect possible issues of individual network components, which can possibly be solved by the installer himself. Otherwise, the technical support of DIVUS can be contacted with a simple click on the web interface and a scan report with all relevant details can be sent. A precise error message saves not only precious time to find a solution, but also greatly reduces the time spent on the phone for online-interactions.

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Advanced Villa
Simple residential Apartment
Advanced residential Tower


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