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More comfort
through security

Security & future

Always a good feeling

Sleep peacefully and enjoy holidays without worrying. Nowadays this is only possible with continuous monitoring and control of the home.
Since prevention is the best protection for the whole family and the house, DIVUS provides the integration of alarm systems, fire alarm systems and video systems for different products.

Also when you grow older and slow down a bit, the intelligent house makes your life easier

A smart home helps the people in all stages of life and facilitate their daily lives. Our credo is: Technology should serve the man, not vice versa!
A simple and intuitive handling, understandable control and variable sized control elements support each generation. To stay also independant in the old age, the smart home not only serves as assistant but also as custodian. In case of an emergency or unusual circumstances, warnings and alerts can be sent automatically to predefined charity organizations, the police or familiy members to prevent risks or undesirable conditions.

Keep the home always in view

The control of IP cameras and additional programs for safety control can be integrated into DIVUS touch panels or directly into the KNX visualization of DIVUS OPTIMA. The information can be always accessed with touch panels or mobile smart devices. This gives the possibility at any time to check and control what happens in or outside the property.

Alarm system and KNX CONTROL

Automatic switches, motion detectors or door and window contacts can be integrated and used via KNX SERVER in the intelligent visualization of DIVUS. This ensures a high level of security and remains at the same time discreetly in the background.
And it is possible to activate or integrate only certain areas of the building.

But even without an integrated alarm system, you have the option for example to create a scenario called “emergeny”. In case of an emergency, this scenario can be activated manually with a tap on the screen or for example automatically through triggered window contacts.
Thus, immediately the complete lighting is turned on, recording of the camera starts and the music  is turned up at full blast. This deters burglars and alerts not only the residents in the house, but also all the neigbours around.

Presence simulation

Presence simulation is a good way to keep unwanted guests away from home. Automatically lights are turned on and off, the TV switches on at different times and the blinds are closed in the evening. The KNX SERVER simulates the “presence of habitants” while your are on a business or holiady trip.

Protection in case of smoke, fire or storms

Signals the integrated smoke detector fire or smoke, the DIVUS KNX SERVER initiates first counteractive measures.
Automatically shutters and blinds are raised, windows closed and escape routes illuminated.
In case of a storm awings are retracted, windows closed and the blinds and shutters automatically closed on the weather side. The KNX SERVER puts the house in storm-proof state.

Safety in case of technical damage

Linked household appliances such as hot plates, refrigerator, dishwascher or washing machine are controlled via sensors and technology detectors.
The KNX SERVER immediately reports an error if the washing has a leak, the door of the refirgerator is still open or the heating doesn’t work. Then the residents are able to react to prevent serious damages.