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Saving resources is a good thing not only for the environment, but also for your pocketbook. Carbon emissions can be reduced by up to 20 percent through the use of intelligent building technologies, which operate in intelligent homes without sacrificing comfort or making energy saving a nagging concern.
DIVUS provides an energy management system, which independently controls the intelligent home through a variety of sensors. The energy consumption of heating, cooling, shading, lighting, ventilation and power supplies is optimized by logical operations, therefore the energy costs can be dramatically reduced. The indoor climate constantly adapts to the needs of the residents while reducing the energy consumption and increasing the well-being considerably.

Increasing numbers of functions are bundled and components are subject to overarching control systems in that window contacts are integrated with the heating control system and the nominal temperature is reduced at night or when the building is unoccupied, thus saving energy.

Room lighting and temperature are automatically adjusted as weather conditions change. This means that not only is light intensity adjusted, but also color harmony is varied according to the time of day and personal perceptions, thus providing particularly comfortable living room lighting. This saves energy and increases energy efficiency.


Energy consumption controlled centrally

Thanks to the intelligent interaction of different devices and sensors, as well as time and demand-dependent control, energy can be used in the building, when and where it is effectively needed.
DIVUS KNX SERVER helps saving energy without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Intelligent heating and cooling

Because of door and window contacts, the system know when a door or window is open.
In a room the heating or cooling can be turned down automatically. In order to save energy, the temperature turns up or down only when all windows and doors are closed. Thus, unnecessary heating or cooling is avoided.


 Efficient control of temperature room by room

Room by room the heating times, the right temperature and the airing habits vary.
Thanks to individual room regulation the result is an economical control of temperature, which is perfectly adapted to the needs of the habitants.

The sun’s power of the sun can be involved into the control of the temperature. Blinds can be opened in the winter day, closed in the summer, in that way the sunshade takes care of saving energy and a comfortable climate

All-Off function

The lighting througout the building and selected electrical devices can be switched on or off with a tap. This feature very useful when leaving the house, just using the “All-Off function” and you can be sure that all lights are turned off.


Consumption data always under control

The DIVUS KNX SERVER records throughout the consumption data of electricity, temperature and all other energy consumers.
Through charts these data can be tracked throughout the year.
Deviations from the average consumption, are qickly becoming apparent through power modules and potential energy saving are identified. This allows you to optimize the consumption quickly and easily.