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A smarthome means sustainable system security, innovation and future-proof investment.  These are the best preconditions in order to get a better quality of life, maximum comfort and security. Therefore an intelligent system should be an integral part of every electrical installation today.

Today’s electrical amenities make life easier and save time. While leaving the house and with just a few reflexive flicks of the wrist, you can close all windows, shut the blinds and turn all lights off within a few seconds. And at the same time the alarm system is activated automatically.
This is just one of many scenarios that can be programmed.

DIVUS offers handy solutions to the ever new challenges of modern life and domestic life, by ensuring that each and every one can fulfill their desire of coming home to a comfy space with an ideal indoor climate.

DIVUS offers you the best fitting technology for all kind of your living desires: KNX CONTROL, a complete system for building automation, energy management and entertainment. A system suitable for today and tomorrow, which will raise and maintain the comfort and the value of your property, and moreover is easy to control: no matter if old or young, wife, kid or husband, everybody will find his way out.

Intuitive, self-explaining, clear and always a good feeling!

The entire house technology – centrally controlled

With DIVUS TOUCH PANELs, which are mounted on the wall in the hallway, living room, bedroom and kitchen, the residents have all building services at a glance. All functions can be controlled centrally. The touch panel of DIVUS allows easy access to various functions such as door communication, lighting and temperatur control.

Control the home – while on the go

Anytime you can control all intelligent features of the smart home via smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android) – whether at home from the couch, while travelling around the world or from your desk at work. From everywhere lights can be swichted on or off, the surveillance cameras checked and the blinds be raised  or lowered. The DIVUS OPTIMA app brings the control of the building on any smart device in the familiar OPTIMA interface.

Scenarios to feel good with only one fingertip

Combining lighting , shading, music and temperature to individual scenarios that can be adjusted at any time.
A scenario like that could be called “Relax” – by entering the living room simply activate the scenario and immediately the lighting is dimmed, the blinds closed, the desired room temperature set and the music starts the favourite playlist.
Just relax and sit back on the couch!

Always the perfect temperature

Depending on season, situation and room with DIVUS OPTIMA the right temperature can be set automatically. Of cousre, the own temperature preferences can be implemented in the system easily.
In the morning after getting up a cozy warmth in the bathroom, while sleeping a pleasant cold in the bedroom – individual room control and timed temperature management via the KNX SERVER make this possible.

Music according to your taste

Waking up with the favourite song,  cooking with radio entertainment and enjoying a bath with lounge music. All this is possible at the same time in different rooms thanks to the multi-room-system and the access to the central music library.
By linking with DIVUS KNX SERVER the music can also be integrated into the various scenarios.

Door communication

Due to DIVUS KNX SERVER the integration of door communication into the home control system is very easy. With a DIVUS touch panel, computer or smartdevice the audio-visual door communication can be easily accessed. The VIDEOPHONE software delivers an appropriate visualization and easy handling. So you can see who is at the door, talk to the person and let her in if needed.