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But why should you opt for a wall Touchpanel?

Smart devices are a useful addition to a building visualisation system, and in any case are nowadays an indispendable component of such systems – which nonetheless must allow for access to key relevant building functions via a failsafe and stable building Touchpanel. There are numerous reasons for this. A building’s technical systems need to be continuously monitored and regulated, and it must be ensured that protected functions do not fall under the control of cellphones, which could result in their being controlled by unauthorized persons.

Good reasons for using touchpanels for visualisation

Wall-mounted touch panels represent SECURITY, RELIABILITY and continuousAVAILABILITY.

DIVUS building touch panels permit to show and control the functions of your smart home, taking in consideration also all security related aspects. The full control of your system must on one side be easily available, but at the same time always secured. Important functions like the control of the alarm system or the entrance door must not be exclusively controlled from your mobile devices, which at any time could fall into the wrong hands.

Therefore our motto is: from your hand it could fall, thus get back into the wall.

Smart phones and tablets can be seen as good extensions for the wall-mounted touch panels. Since the panels have been designed for a long-term permanent operation, can’t be forgotten, their usage is even more convenient than using a smart phone, above all if looking at the period of application.

A DIVUS touchpanel merges perfectly with your living ambience. By selecting colors and mounting type you define whether the panel should become a true eye-catcher or should keep to the sidelines.

Our panels are of highest quality and timeless.