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The company: DIVUS

DIVUS is a global company that offers touch panels and complete solutions for industry and building automation.



DIVUS takes up the challenge, today, tomorrow and in the future.
DIVUS offers innovative touch panels for the control of smart buildings. The product portfolio in combination with IP-based door phones and visualization tools is the system solution for KNX – the worldwide standard.
Our products are used in private & commercial properties, office buildings, hotels, gastronomy, stores and showrooms, etc.
Our goal is to make the world of today and tomorrow more comfortable, economical and ecological!


The headquarters of DIVUS is located on the wine street in the sunny Eppan in South Tyrol. South Tyrol is as a location for business, very interesting not only for the multilingual population, but also for the ideal position between northern and southern Europe.

Tinkering on new devices and solutions surrounded by high mountains and green orchards is easy. Inspired by the beautiful scenery, good food and different cultures DIVUS brings consistently new, innovative products with many advantages and facilities to the market.


Automotive, machine tools, electrical engineering and electronics –  this is Stuttgart!

DIVUS Germany is located and has its own Showroom in the middle of one the most ecomomic regions in Germany.
Stuttgart is the ideal location to take care of the German customers and partners. And also to support the German market and projects with technical competence and konw-how.