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Mobility on the go – with Apps of DIVUS Apps

In times when mobility and continuous availability are becoming increasingly important , you should have the posibility to control your home at any time and from anywhere. DIVUS meets these demandy by offering various apps for the most popular mobile operating systems and thus covers a wide range of mobile devices.

Why should I still decide for a touch panel in the wall?

“Smart devices ” are an useful extension of a building visualisation and belong to the life of today. Also DIVUS offers with its various apps for Android and Apple the possibility for extension. However, the access to important and relevant building functions must be controlled by a fail-safe and stable building touchpanel . As there are many reasons for it.

A complete and high-quality building automation for lighting and temperature control with integrated home entertainment, alarm or door communication needs an fix installed control center , which remains accessible and available for residents at all times. The management and control of a house must be secured at always. Protected functions may not get into mobile devices , thereby perhaps even into the wrong hands .

Android Apps

Stay up to date with  DIVUS Android Apps; for all Android smartphones, touchpads and DIVUS TOUCHZONE.

iOS Apps

The Apps iOPTIMA and Videophone are optimized for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. That you always know what is going on at home.